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Join us for our Member Potluck and Leadership Confirmation Meeting at Alameda Free Library!

Monday April 27th 2009
Large Meeting Room
Cold Dishes only (Library rules)
Bring a plate, cup and silverware for everyone in your group
This is a family friendly event; please bring your children, including infants!
Please RSVP to so we can plan water, tea, and coffee.

First of all, thank you all who were in attendance our annual Membership Drive at Rosenblum Cellars and a special welcome to all of our new members! Please share a meal with the Slow Food Alameda Leadership Committee and discuss our plans for the upcoming year. There are opportunities to get more involved in the issues that interest you and the Alameda Slow Food community. There will be a short presentation of past accomplishments and proposed activities for the upcoming year. We definitely want to hear your ideas and answer any questions you may have about Slow Food Alameda.

We will also be confirming the list of leaders below for the upcoming year. Any active dues paying member of Slow Food Alameda may vote, or if you are unable to make it to this event, vote via a reply to this e-mail. Expired members are welcome as well, although you may not vote. If you wish to dispute any of these candidates, please do so now and we will have the vote at the potluck.

The proposed leaders are:

Rick Kellner – Member At Large - Slow Food is an extension of the way I live my life, choosing fresh, clean and local whenever possible. My childhood passion of vegetable gardening continues to enrich my home life today, which helps feed my family and teaches my son valuable lessons in many areas. As a working owner of Feel Good Bakery, we practice S-L-O-W methods. All of our products are made from scratch and often take days to assemble before they can be devoured. Time and patience is what adds unforgettable flavors to most of our offerings.

Frank Filice – Member At Large - My wife and I have been residents of Alameda for 5 years. I grew up on a family farm in Gilroy where we had a road side fruit stand. We eat seasonally and I learned the techniques of vegetable gardening and making sausage and Italian cured meats from my parents and grandparents. My desire to be a part of Slow Food Alameda is to transfer this knowledge to our membership in a Good, Clean and Fair manner.

Eileen Savel – Member At Large - I continue my life long practice of preparing and consuming "good, clean and fair" foods. As Vice President of Transmedia, a publicly held company which provided financing to restaurants and a dining card to consumers, I dined at hundreds of restaurants throughout the Bay Area in order to approve their loans and write restaurant reviews for our card holders. I am past president of Alameda's 100 member "Harbor Bay Cooking Club" which sponsors professional cooking classes, book reviews, and food related trips. I have studied cooking for over 20 years with Jacques Peppin, Martin Yan, Robert Reynolds, Linda Carucci, and Alameda's very own Weezie Mott. Slow Food is my passion. I am grateful for the privilege to serve on this board. Along with fellow board member Eileen Bitten, I am now co-owner of the Two Eileens, developing and providing cooking classes and cooking related trips for the home cook.

Randall Owczarzak – Member At Large - My family and I live in Oakland and I've worked in the natural foods industry for the past 15 years (the latter six at Alameda Natural Grocery). For us eating seasonally is easy because of the store and we believe that slow goes beyond eating and affects all of the choices we make in our daily lives. Like many transplant Californians, I'm from the Midwest and still have much pride in the state of Michigan (slow happens there too, you just need to scratch the surface to find it). I'm involved in Slow Food Alameda for my daughter, to inspire others to be slow, to educate and let Alameda (and the rest of the world) know that slow food is for everyone.

Eileen Bitten – Treasurer - I grew up in the Pacific Northwest with its abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, with poultry, eggs and butter delivered fresh to our door. In the summer we ate our produce fresh and then canned for the winter. These food practices, of using good, clean, fair and fresh by which I was raised and have followed as an adult, are the principles of "Slow Food". I currently serve as the Treasurer of Slow Food Alameda and look forward to continuing our work of spreading the word about the wonders of the world of Slow Food. I have been a member of the Harbor Bay Cooking Club for the last 5 years and am currently co-owner of the Two Eileens dedicated to teaching people the techniques of Slow Cooking.

Mark Hardwick – Leader – I have made a commitment to the Slow Food movement because it mirrors our lifestyle and attaches us to the local community in a very important way. I have been gardening my entire life, in many different climates and situations, and few things bring more pleasure for family and friends than a good, clean, and fair meal from our backyard or from a local, trusted farmer. I have also worked with at-risk youth for almost 20 years, and this year’s focus on Food Justice, specifically for low and middle income families, by our parent organization Slow Food USA, is the most compelling reason I can personally find to continue as a Slow Food Leader. The enthusiastic response from our Chapter Members continues to motivate the entire Leadership Committee and we look forward to continuing for another year.

Slow Food Alameda
Leadership Committee