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The National Eat-In Potluck
Labor Day, Monday, September 7, 2009

Paru at San Jose Ave. in Alameda
Time: 11AM – 2 PM

Gather with friends, family, colleagues and neighbors - and people across America –
in a national day of action to support Good, Clean and Fair Food in our schools.

Come eat with friends and family in one of Alameda’s beautiful local parks. Enjoy
Kids’ Art and Play with Food activity and hear a speaker panel on the Alameda
Schools lunch program. The Slow Food “Time for Lunch” program supports giving
our schools the resources they need to serve Real Food. Bring food to share that is
Good, Clean and Fair, chairs or a blanket to sit on, and eating utensils for your family
The Big Picture: The President is calling for health care reform and the First Lady is teaching
kids to grow food on the White House Lawn. This fall, Congress will debate the Child Nutrition
Act, which is the law that determines what kind of food is provided for kids at school. By giving
schools the resources to serve Real Food, we can give our children a better future and a better
world of opportunity, security and good health.
With proven links between healthy food and a good quality of life, or between cheap food and
rising health care costs, it’s important to nourish our children well and to teach them about Real
Food both at home and at school. Real Food is good at every link in the chain. It tastes good, it’s
good for us, it’s good for the people who grow it, it’s good for our country and it’s good for the
Let’s support our schools by giving them the resources to serve Real Food, instead of the
processed foods that endanger our children’s health.
To Raise Awareness at the Local Level: Slow Food Alameda is hosting the Alameda Town
Eat-In Potluck and reaching out to everyone in the community who cares about the well being of
our children: parents, family members, teachers, librarians, doctors, school administrators and
board members, civic leaders, community organizations and churches, and the kids themselves.
Find out more at, where Slow Food President Josh Viertal
explains the Time for Lunch Campaign and it’s easy to:
· Sign the Time for Lunch petition
· Contact your legislators
For more information, and to join our campaign, go to Slow Food Alameda at: or to for details
on the exact time and place for the Slow Food Alameda Eat-In

Slow Food USA is a grassroots network of people who believe that good,
clean and fair food is the right of everyone